The Infrastructure

Delivering savings.

Through our network of partners and providers, tools, and methodology, companies have unleashed innovation and reduced time-to-market, spending less to maintain their existing services portfolio. Results span industries, including automotive, financial services, industrial, media, retail, government, technology, and telecommunications.

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Business Continuity

Core Services Division can help by offering continuous network monitoring as well as redundant network options to ensure uptime for voice and data communications. We can also recommend cloud data backup and recovery as well as cloud computing and communications solutions, which are inherently disaster proof. Read More 


Whether you are new or native to the Cloud, Core Services Division can connect you with an ecosystem of partners, source and deploy public, private and hybrid cloud solutions that ensure reliability, security and performance now and in the future, ensuring that your organization gets the most out of cloud economies and capabilities. Read More 


Whether you need dedicated Internet access for a single site or a private secure network spanning hundreds of locations, we have solutions to fit every need. We have a broad portfolio of broadband and wide area network (WAN) solutions, from cable and DSL to SD-WAN, Ethernet and MPLS and even fixed wireless for primary and redundancy requirements. We also can procure dark fiber and wavelength services for companies with low-latency and high-performance needs. Read More 

Data Center

Data center/colocation vendors are continually evolving their services to provide enterprises with more value, flexibility and security than ever before. But the evolution also presents new challenges and considerations. The team in our Core Services Division not only understands these concerns but has created strong partnerships with leading providers in the space, giving customers access to informed experts who can provide insight and guidance, and a variety of best-in-class solutions in hundreds of facilities. Read More 



We also frequently audit and optimize customers’ mobile device plans because carriers constantly create and modify them, which can alter the economics for enterprises. Depending on plan changes, policy compliance, usage patterns, international roaming, abusive users and other factors that customers simply do not have time to monitor, we often uncover substantial savings and take appropriate action to realize those savings – usually without having to change carriers. Read More 


With the uptick in cyber-crime and the increased exposure from mobile endpoints, it’s clear that organizations must do more to stay ahead of threats and effectively manage risk. Core Services Division and its security providers can help with a range of managed network and security solutions. Read More 

Unified Communications as a Service

UCaaS packages typically include desktop and soft phones, voice services with PBX functionality, presence management, integrated messaging, file sharing, single-number reach and audio/video/web conferencing delivered over a private or public IP network. Specific capabilities can tailored to each user as well. Read More 


With over 100 voice provider partnerships, Our Core Services Division offers the full spectrum of voice solutions to fit any size business, budget or requirement. Whether you have a single location or multiple offices nationwide or globally, we can customize a thoughtful, cost-effective solution built around your needs and objectives. Read More