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We are passionate about data and putting it to work to solve your toughest business challenges. When you partner with the data science team at The Infrastructure, you’ll not only come away with actionable insights that create real value for your organization, but your organization will also learn the skills needed to apply data science and analytics to solve future problems. Whether you have a specific business challenge you want to tackle with data science or you want your team to learn and adopt modern, agile data science practices, The Infrastructure can help.

The Infrastructure Approach to Data Science

While all engagements are unique, The Infrastructure approach to data science follows a comprehensive framework.

  • identify the

    Analytic capability review

    First, our data science team works with you to inspect and assess your organization’s existing and intended capability for data analytics and predictive modeling. This thorough evaluation goes beyond your technology stack and capacity to encompass your broader business organization, skills, objectives and obstacles.

    Data opportunity identification

    Next, we work to discover data-driven business opportunities, triangulating off your data “ground truth” and business objectives, to identify predictive use cases, impactful smart applications, and other data value streams.

  • Unlock its

    Data exploration

    The Infrastructure data scientists, in conjunction with your team, explore all available data for quality, completeness and applicability to targeted usage scenarios.

    Feature engineering

    Next, together we identify existing data features supportive of your targeted use case and modeling approaches, and engineer new data features as necessary. We’ll also incorporate additional data sources to strengthen the emerging analytic approach.

  • Apply data’s
    predictive power

    Predictive model development

    Working together, we iteratively evolve and refine analytic models, employing designated training-vs-testing data to quantitatively measure the model’s predictive performance against your targeted use case.

    Smart applications

    Finally, The Infrastructure data scientists work with your team to embed the predictive power of the developed models in business logic and applications to deepen engagement and drive desired outcomes. We’ll also cycle outcome data back into the predictive model to refine its accuracy and further strengthen smart application performance.


Our team consists of over 40 data scientists with backgrounds across all industries and solutions depending on your need. Whether it’s marketing analytics, bioinformatics or text and video analytics, we will work directly with your data stakeholders and SMEs (subject matter experts) to seed and strengthen your organization’s data science practice. Let us teach you the tools and techniques to harness your data’s full potential.

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