The Infrastructure

Build for Change

Our world-class team of agile developers, product managers, and designers works alongside you to build and deploy software differently than you have before. In the process, you become enabled to do this work self-sufficiently in the future. Your team learns cutting-edge technology and best practices the best way possible: by doing it. The knowledge you absorb while working with The Infrastructure Lab is just as valuable as the finished project itself.

What we do

Balanced Teams Build Exceptional Products

We hear frequently from prospective clients that it takes forever to release new features, that users aren’t adopting products, and that finished work hasn’t met their expectations. Our response to these widespread issues is what we call “balanced teams” which can build truly exceptional products. Balanced teams are small groups that bring varied skills to the table and focus on collaboration, consistent communication, and transparency in working toward a shared goal: a great product.

  • Design

    Will users like this?

  • Design

    Will users like this?

  • Development

    Can we build this?

Master the Key Components of Modern Technology

The Infrastructure approach unifies development, design, and product management to create exceptional products. The Infrastructure Lab practitioners provide you with expertise in these three key areas, in addition to strategic business advice and planning, science follows a comprehensive framework.

Extreme Programming

Building working software at a consistent speed and quality in the face of changing requirements.

  • Pair Programming
  • Test-Driven Development
  • Short Iterations
  • Continuous Integration / Deployment
User-Centered Design

Ensuring the software solves a real problem for real users in a desirable and usable product.

  • User Interviews
  • Ethnographic studies
  • Persona definition
  • Prototype creation
product management


Reducing the risk of building the wrong thing while comfortably changing direction.

  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP) definition
  • Lean experiments
  • Identify & test assumptions
  • Data driven decisions
how we do it

how the lab works & lives

To engage with our Lab is to learn by doing. Your team members pair with The Infrastructure team members, working side-by-side as much as possible to collectively build a great product. We practice test-driven development, pair programming, short development cycles, and continuous verification and integration of code. One result is high-quality, flexible software delivered efficiently and cost-effectively. The other result is that your team is now ready to do the same high-quality work all on its own.


Each workday begins with a brief team stand-up meeting to discuss what you did yesterday, and what you plan to do today.


The product manager leads the team through the backlog during the Iteration Planning Meeting. Team members collaborate to clarify items and ensure consistency.


The product manager oversees prioritization, while prototypes are managed by the designer. Throughout, user research eliminates unnecessary features.


The team meets weekly to decompress, identify issues, and discuss areas for improvement, leading to iterative improvement. That’s the agile method. We adopt a culture of constant feedback and learning. (Also: We take breaks, ping-pong tables included.)  


As we begin to build a product, we employ Test-Driven Development (TDD): we write tests that assert the application can do what we want it to do. We do this before we build the functionality. A piece of code or functionality isn’t done until it passes the test.


Pair programming is the practice of having two developers work together at the same computer to complete each task. in The Infrastructure Lab, we pair all of the time. As pairs rotate, knowledge is spread rapidly through the team, avoiding silos of knowledge and allowing for team growth.